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Allie x Mozart x Ash

A couple of days ago I finally had the opportunity to work with the amazing Alexandria Norado, one of my favorite photographers in Dallas at The TX Studio and model clothes from creator Dominic’s new Mozart collection.

I used to hate studio shoots but I think they’re slowly becoming my favorites, especially when I get to work with such wonderful people and such cool, creative brands! I love how the pictures came out and found myself immensely inspired by both Allie and Dominic. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and learning a little bit about the creators behind them.

Allie, 23, took on film centered photography back in 2013 but took a break until about a year ago, when she started back up and began working digitally.

“I picked up photography in high school after taking a photojournalism course,” Allie says. “Developing in the darkroom every day was so therapeutic that I just kept practicing with film until I was somewhere that I felt like I enjoyed.”

When it comes to collaborating with creatives and brands, Allie usually gets in touch with them through DM unless she’s very passionate about working with them, in which case she’ll email them her media kit and examples of her past work.

While she’s been in the studio shooting products a bit as of late, her heart lies with urban portraiture.

“Product shots can get a bit overdone, so I try to spice them up with some dynamic movement or an enticing background setting,” Allie says. “I love working outdoors but the more I do studio work the more I'm tempted to go the editorial route.”

Allie first met Dominic at a former job and then contacted him online a couple of years ago to talk about collaborating and working together, and they hit it off.

At only 24 years old, Dominic has made everything from pillows to gym bags, lighter cases to plush dolls, corsets, purses, music, and of course, clothes.

“It all started from hats. In 2012 I released a patent pending product,” Dominic explains. “The product allowed an individual to interchange three components of a baseball cap.”

He says that’s what really got him into sewing, starting off with his mother’s Pfaff Tiptronic 2020 sewing machine and going from there, teaching himself everything he knows. Now he owns five sewing machines.

As for his creative process? Dominic says it starts from an idea, and then he begins gathering all of the materials he thinks he’ll need.

“Most of the time I embroider my own designs on my creations. In order to do that I have to create a design then digitize it into embroidery format. Embroidery usually takes place after I design and draw out the pattern. After that I’ll cut out the patterns and sew it up.”

Dominic jokes that he started his brands because he doesn’t work well with having a boss, but there’s certainly more to it.

“Mo is one of my nicknames, Mozart really means Mo’s Art,” he says. ”The collection’s designs are inspired by my thoughts on this life, world, government and conspiracy.”

The collection is unisex, handmade, and available currently through his instagram. He also owns a brand called Naum with two friends.

All of my designs have a deep meaning behind it. I really suck at expressing my emotions in real life. My designs are me, my thoughts, opinions, and lifestyle. It’s all about relating to the designs if it represents something you agree with. Then you’re connected with Mozart consciously.
— Dominic

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