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Artist Spotlight: Angie Duong

A couple of weekends ago, I made the trip to Houston to meet and shoot with one of my favorite photographers, Angelica Duong. Angie hosted an amazing workshop to teach photographers at Superb Studio and managed to put together 15 completely different looks and shoots throughout the weekend! Her dedication and vision is inspiring, and her hard effort shows in her photographs. When she asked me to come down for the workshop I said yes right away, and upon meeting and working with her, knew it was the right call.


A Houston native, Angie was just five years old when she first started playing the piano and making music. As the years went by she kept her creative streak alive by drawing, painting and creating choreography for her dance team. Eventually she found her love for camera work, and at 20 years old she’s thriving.

“There’s always something new to create with, I feel like, whether its music, art, martial arts...” she says. “Creativity to me means creating something out of nothing.”

Angie’s style is very versatile, her portfolio ranging from moody shots utilizing dark tones to brightly lit images that match her vibrant personality, and she tends to have a creative concept or theme with props to go along with each shoot.

“I do see myself making a career out of photography and videography,” Angie says. “I love every aspect of it and [I can] use it towards my other goals such as traveling and eating more different type of foods.”

While citing bigger names such as Jessica Kobessi, Canyon, and Derrick Freske as her inspirations, Angie says that local photographers also help inspire her and that she loves seeing the community grow together.


“I always like to challenge myself and try to make my photos look like they weren’t shot in Houston.”

Angie is very organized, outgoing, and determined to pursue her goals, and she says she doesn’t have much trouble shifting outside of her comfort zone and trying new things.

“I feel that now that I built a brand for myself and have a base for everything, I just need to keep the momentum going and keep focusing on myself in order to grow at the pace I am right now, or even faster.”

On her website she’ll be posting blogs every Tuesday with advice for photographers and more!

"Honestly just don't be afraid to think outside the box, and do you,” she says. “Always follow your instinct, believe in yourself, make mistakes, never be lazy, and force yourself to create content everyday.”

Check out more of Angie's work around town:

Website | Twitter | YouTube

Instagrams: @angiejustshootme, @angiesappetitee, @angiesatlaas

Here are some photos from her absolute favorite set that she feels best represents her brand.

Model: @brisboobs // Stylist: @subertwinstyles